Digital Transformation in Higher Education

25+ University Leaders, 40+ EdTech Founders and 100+ Students share their views on digital transformation. Download the Report

Incorporating the views of university leaders, edtech entrepreneurs and university students from around the world, this report captures insights about the progress of digital transformation in higher education globally.

Those interviewed for this study believe transformation in higher education is essential. They are both optimistic and honest about the challenges ahead. University leaders, anticipating a future with reduced public financial support, understand that it is no longer an option to keep doing things the old way; innovation is now prerequisite for survival.

“What role will higher education play in the next phase of this revolution, and consequently how should higher education leaders prepare their institutions for the changes ahead”?

University leaders provide an update on their digital priorities and momentum and changing business models are also examined. Emerging technologies most likely to impact higher education are ranked by stakeholders and priorities across the next generation learning lifecycle are identified. We hope the information and insights in this report help you take the next step in your own digital transformation journey, and welcome your feedback as we broaden our study to gain greater insights into the changing higher education landscape.

The Report