Advancing innovation in education globally

Navitas Ventures is the education venturing arm of Navitas.
With teams in 50 cities around the world, we build, invest and partner in education innovation.

How We Work.

We are on a mission to transform the way the world learns. Navitas Ventures is a dynamic team that works with founders, entrepreneurs, tertiary institutions and industry partners in flexible ways.


Navitas Ventures develops a thesis, tests the concept and brings in like-minded talent to help execute and scale.


Navitas Ventures recognises a repeatable growth pattern and a compelling team and makes a strategic investment to accelerate growth.


Universities, Tertiary Institutions and Industry partner with Navitas Ventures to develop new models and initiatives.


Mapping the Future of Education

We have started work on Project Landscape, our vision for a global, open-source, community driven map of education innovation and technology.

Our Focus

There are several areas we are most interested in…

Future of Work

21st century skills, rapid skills acquisition, augmented intelligence, unaccredited education and pathways to work.

Digital Immersion

VR/AR, gamification, edutainment, digital courseware, simulation, conversational interfaces, e-learning 2.0.

Disintermediation & Peer to Peer

Student to Student, Teacher to Teacher and every combination in between. Sharing, mentoring, tutoring, credentialing.


High value exchange platforms that orchestrate, facilitate interaction and build ecosystems that deliver superior learning outcomes.

Learning Insights & Analytics

Collecting, profiling, analyzing and predicting high value information that helps students, teachers and institutions.

Service Innovation

Recruitment, Admissions, Enrolment, Retention, Testing, Career Services, Employment and Alumni, Skills Verification and Credentialing.


About Navitas

Over the last 20 years Navitas has almost exclusively acquired and invested in founder led organisations. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, it’s what got us to where we are today and we believe it is the key to the future of education.

Navitas was an Australian education startup 20+ years ago and pioneered the “Pathway” business model, now a global multi billion dollar industry. In 2014, Forbes ranked Navitas one of the world’s most innovative growth companies and today Navitas is a $2b education company serving more than 80,000 students in 50 countries.

Our vision and values focus on quality above all else. Through our culture and 20+ years of experience we have crafted an approach that prioritises student outcomes and quality, whilst delivering growth that ultimately generates an economic surplus for our investors. We believe that quality and growth are not incongruent if prioritised correctly. Ultimately our vision is one of trust; with students, parents, teachers, partners, industries and governments. Our stated vision is “to be one of the most trusted learning organisations in the world”.

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