Advancing innovation in education globally


We support the ideas, people and companies that will shape the future of Higher Education.

How We Work

Navitas Ventures is the education venturing arm of Navitas.
We pursue four main strategies to advance innovation in education globally.


We generate thought leadership on the EdTech sector to inform founders, investors, educators and governments.


We develop a thesis, test the concept and bring together like-minded talent to execute and scale.


We identify and invest in EdTech businesses that will shape the future of Higher Education. We seek investments in businesses that can disrupt higher education and extend our core business.


We partner with tertiary institutions, governments, influencers and Industry to develop new models new initiatives.


Our Latest Thought Leadership

Exploring Global EdTech Ecosystems

We have launched our first iteration of Project Ecosystem, a global feel that identifies the most effective cities for EdTech development and the people responsible.

Our Portfolio

Paragon One

A career accelerator that pairs students with coaches, industry insiders, and the tools they need to launch their dream career.


A platform that allows job seekers to build experience and skills through company-backed virtual work experience programs.


A discovery portal and online admissions platform that allows paperless application processing for universities across the globe.

Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM)

An asynchronous online training organisation focused on 21st century skills development.

National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI)

A professional development offering that sets a new global standard in the development of school leaders through responsive and high quality professional learning programs.

Women & Leadership Australia (WLA)

A career development method that develops female leaders and supporting the increased presence of women in business and community leadership roles in Australia.


A natural language platform that teaches language to machines, helping developers and build better Al backed agents and applications.


Employability programs and products that make it easy for educators to inspire students from Year 5 and up to explore, design and manage their career and life.

College Consortium

A member-based platform that automates the exchange of courses, credits and cash from inter-college enrollments in online courses.


About Navitas

Navitas was founded in 1994 as a single entrepreneurial idea. It has since grown into one of the world’s largest learning organisations. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, it’s what got us to where we are today and we believe it is the key to the future of education.

Navitas was an Australian education startup 25+ years ago and pioneered as the “Pathway” business model, now a global multi billion dollar industry. In 2014, Forbes ranked Navitas one of the world’s most innovative growth companies and today Navitas is a $2b education company serving more than 80,000 students in 50 cities.

Our values focus on quality above all else. Through our culture and 20+ years of experience we have crafted an approach that prioritises student outcomes, whilst delivering growth that ultimately generates an economic surplus for our investors. We believe that quality and growth are not incongruent if prioritised correctly. Ultimately our vision is one of trust; with students, parents, teachers, partners, industries and governments.

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